Gluten-Free Lemon Cake Mix

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The Authentic Foods Lemon Cake Mix is all natural, GMO-free and perfect for any dessert occasion. The cake comes out moist, bright, tangy and never gritty. Simply add eggs, milk (or a non-dairy substitute), and oil, then bake and enjoy. Adding a lemon buttercream frosting and a lemon custard filling will add an extra special touch for your diners.

This mix makes a 1 layer cake.

Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Non-GMO, Kosher

Ingredients: Granulated Cane Juice, Rice Flour, Potato, Lemon Juice, Tapioca Flour, Fiber Blend, Calcium Acid Pyrophosphate , Tricalcium phosphate, Natural Non-Dairy Flavors (Gluten Free), Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt, Citric Acid.