Woodwick Candle Renew Collection

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Title Sm Lavender & Cypress

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WoodWick® ReNew Candles are consciously created to help you make a thoughtful choice that reflects your distinctive style. Rich, nuanced fragrances — made using bio-based ingredients, upcycled materials, and essential oils — are delivered in a naturally-derived, plant-based soy coconut wax blend. The amber glass vessel with a subtle twist is made with 55% post-consumer recycled glass, and the cork lid is made from responsibly sourced trees. We’ve specially selected the hand-placed wooden wick for a softer, subtle ambient sound.

• Plant-based soy coconut wax blend, free of dyes and additives
• Fragrances made with bio-based ingredients, upcycled materials, and essential oils.
• Amber glass vessels made using 55% post-consumer recycled glass
• Cork lid from responsibly sourced trees